Ready to Fly Available NOW!!! 

Ready to purchase NOW!!! 😊😊😊 click below!


Get your free download of “My Kinda Guy” from my Ready to Fly  EP by clicking the link below.




8 thoughts on “Ready to Fly Available NOW!!! 

  1. Hi Morgan,

    Ive been listening to your music and it has grown on me, I have an interactive radio and tv show in the uk called Sunday Night Live on where we givw an artist a platform to the world. Im wondering if i can do a skype interview at all in the next week or so please: please email,

    Kind Regards

    Frankie Prazer
    Tv Presenter


  2. I thought what you wrote on EaglesNest Chesapeake’s Wednesday night (02DEC15) flier was amazing. You have a great voice too. I will come “stalk” (jokin) you tonight. -Mars


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